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Welcome to the East Broad Street church of Christ. We hope you find our site inviting and useful to assist you in your Christian walk or if you have questions, we would be more than glad to work with you to find an answer. Take time to browse our site and feel welcome! As the church of Christ, we are striving to follow the teachings of the Bible as close as we can. We have no other creed or doctrine other than what is found in the Bible. We attempt to worship according to the New Testament pattern. We have no central government located on earth. We believe that Jesus is the head of the church and each individual congregation makes up the one body. Each congregation is responsible to govern itself according to the pattern set forth in the New Testament. Each congregation should have its own elders who oversee the spiritual development of the congregation. These men are also called pastors or shepherds. Deacons are men that oversee the physical and administrational areas of the church. Each deacon will have an area of responsibility that he will focus on to see that the church runs smoothly. These areas might include but are not limited to: education, finances, office adminstration, organizing the worship service, building and grounds, maintanence, etc.

We meet each Sunday (the first day of the week) in order to worship God and edify one another. This is according to the pattern in the New Testament. During this worship, continuing to follow the New Testament pattern, we sing (a cappella), pray, take the Lord's Supper, give as we have purposed in our hearts, and read and hear a lesson from Scripture.

We also meet on Wednesday evenings for a midweek Bible study. This helps us to keep our spiritual batteries charged and gives us another opportunity to draw nearer to God. We have classes for young children. teens, and adults. The adult class is usually designed more as a discussion rather than a lecture. We feel it is important to have interactive classes to keep people involved and help people have the opportunity to ask questions and get some answers and opinions from others in the class.

We would love to have you join us for worship. If you are traveling in our area, please know that you will be our honored guest. If you live in our area, we would love for you to become part of our family.


Sunday Bible Study: 10:00 AM

Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM 6:00 PM

Mid-week Bible Study, Wednesday 7:00 PM

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